Kenya has no yellow fever cases, Kenyans and foreigners assured


There is no outbreak of yellow fever in Kenya despite detecting the virus in two people who had travelled from Southern Africa were detected with symptoms, senior government official has revealed.

Due to quick intervention by the Ministry of Health officials after a confirmation of the two cases of yellow fever in two people who came for a visit from their work station in Angola in early March, there has not been any local transmission of the virus.

“By the time the two people arrived in Kenya they were already beyond transmission phase as per the world Health Organization definition,” Cabinet Secretary for Health Dr. Cleopa Mailu said.

Mailu observed that the cases were travel related and to date no Kenyan has been infected as was earlier thought.

“We wish to reassure the general public and foreigners that all parts of Kenya are safe to travel to and there is no cause for alarm,” He added.

Mailu took issue with a poster issued by Ugandan Ministry of Health that indicates that Kenya, alongside Angola and the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) are currently facing yellow fever outbreak.

He noted that the poster is not true and that already the government of Kenya has taken up the matter with the Ugandan authorities on the basis of the allegation.

According to the Cabinet Secretary, an outbreak in Kenya is unlikely since the Ministry of Health personnel are on high alert at all points of entry. It is now two weeks since the last case was reported by the government.

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