Kenya has potential to feed Africa


Kenya has the potential to become the leading food producer in Africa due to its application of modern technology.

According to Israel Ambassador to Kenya Yahel Vilan, the country is faster in adopting the new technology in agricultural development than any other country.

“As partners, Israel is currently helping the country into becoming food secure by bridging the gap and empowering farmers through experience and technological know,” Vilan said at a Nairobi hotel.

The Ambassador said that the adoption of innovation and setting up research centers nearer to the farmers should be encouraged to have them improve their production.

Vilan noted that the country has the potential for irrigation agriculture adding that the desalination of the Indian Ocean water should be looked into to help change drylands into agricultural land.

“Through desalination, Israel’s drylands have been turned into major agricultural production parts of the country,’ he noted.

Gilad Millo, the Israel’s Balton Group Head of Business Development observed that agriculture business if the latest development that employs majority of college leavers.

He said that the contribution of Amiran Kenya in adopting sustainable agriculture has been replicated in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Zambia and Ghana.

He called on the Kenyan youths to take up agriculture as a business by acquiring loans from the agri-based lending institutions instead of relying on the rare white collar jobs.

Millo said that Kenya’s problem is lack of water infrastructure that requires a permanent solution by setting up along lasting pumping program.

“The irrigation farming in Galana in eastern Kenya is set to change Kenya from food unsecure to food secure country in the next few months,” Barak Tamir, the Chief Executive Officer of Green Arara.

Tamir said that the project will help reduce the price of maize in the country beginning October when the first maize harvests will take place.

He said that from the 10,000 acres of land that is currently under irrigation, they expect to harvest 40 bags per acre.

“We have planted 12 different high yielding maize varieties that are set to make agriculture profitable to the Kenyan farmers,’ Tamir said.

Vilan revealed that Israel in collaboration with County Governments through the Council of Governors and the Agriculture Industry Network will host an agribusiness conference in September 2015 (next month) in Nairobi.

The conference will bring on board agricultural companies and leading agriculture and irrigation companies from Kenya. Israel agriculture Minister Uri Ariel will grace the occasion.

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