Kenyans contribute US$ 297,000 towards purchase of cancer equipment

A campaign by a radio station in Kenya has raised over US$ 297,000 towards the purchase of cancer equipment at Kenya’s Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

The campaign by Radio Africa Group started following a visit by the leading stations broadcaster Maina Kageni’s visit to the ward hosting children with cancer.Mainas 10 M mission

“The situation in the hospital is pathetic and requires everyone’s support,” Kageni said in his Nairobi offices on Friday.

He revealed that his plan was initially to raise US$ 99,000 from well wishers but it ended up raising us$ 297,000.

The promotion that was done in collaboration with the Eddah’s Hope Cancer Foundation is targeting to purchase Chemo port, suffusion pumps, chemo chairs and National Hospital Insurance for 350 families.

According to the foundation chairman Moses Issaji, the organization was founded following the death of his mother three years ago.

“The suffering that my mother went through left a mark in me and forced me to partner with the radio station to be able to make a contribution in the this month of cancer,” Issaji revealed.

Issaji said that her mother lost massive weight from 98 kilograms to 18 kilograms before dying since there was not much for them to help.

He said that promotion is set to help make children who are currently suffering with cancer comfortable.

According to the Kenya national Cancer Strategy 2011 – 2016, cancer ranks third as a cause of death after infectious diseases and cardiovascular diseases in the country and causes seven percent of total national deaths every year.

The strategy revealed that about 80 percent of reported cases of cancer are diagnosed at advanced stages, when very little can be achieved in terms of curative treatment.

This is largely due to the low awareness of cancer signs and symptoms, inadequate screening services, inadequate diagnostic facilities and poorly structured referral facilities.

The country has few cancer specialists who are concentrated in a few health facilities in Nairobi that makes it difficult for a great majority of the population to access cancer treatment services resulting in long waiting times causing some previously curable tumors to progress to incurable stages.

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