NACC Launches the Maisha Maarifa research Hub

Dr Nduku Kilonzo, NACC at the launch of Maisha Maarifa Hub. [Photo:Twitter/ Dr Marleen Temmerman ]
Dr Nduku Kilonzo, NACC at the launch of Maisha Maarifa Hub. [Photo:Twitter/ Dr Marleen Temmerman ]
The National Aids Control Council (NACC) has established the Kenya HIV, Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) and cop-morbidities Research Hub dubbed ‘Maisha Maarifa Hub’ that will provide a central location for studies done in Kenya.

The research hub is an online based site that will combine information and promote evidence based programming and policy formulation through research that will also be availed publicly.

“The hub will be able to avail a repository where data and abstracts that are presented on Kenya about Kenya and from Kenya in global platforms is available within,” Health Cabinet secretary Dr. Clepha Mailu said in Nairobi.

He said that the move is meant to enhance efficiencies in undertaking research and spur generation of new knowledge, technology and innovation as envisioned in Kenyans vision 2030.

Dr. Mailu said that results of HIV research has seen Kenya’s prevalence fall by half; new infections among both adults and in mother to child transmission decrease significantly and up to 900,000 Kenyans on lifelong ART.

He further said that ongoing research remains impressive noting there are 23 ethical review boards in Kenya who process approximately 2,000 HIV research proposals monthly.

“The hub is the first of its kind not only in the country but the region. It is an interactive in nature allowing on line debates on topical issues among the site visitors”, the CS said.

He observed that the innovation will not only meet the constitutional requirement of citizen participation in HIV policy formulation but tap into the experience of researchers, implementers, communities and institutions that many not often speak with each other.

Dr. Mailu said the ministry is committed to advancing research and commits resources to Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) despite acknowledging existing gaps such as moving innovative ideas to commercialization, limited implementation science that move research results from controlled environments to real world settings and inadequate domestic financing for research.

Nduku Kilonzo , the Director of NACC said a lot of data that has not been published will be available at a one stop shop in a structure that is interactive where all can share knowledge and also upload information as well as linkages.

She added that providing updated information on ongoing HIV research to reduce duplication in protocol and proposal development among stakeholders will be key.

“The national commission for Science Technology and Innovation has provided approval for us to collect data from Ethical Review Committee which is and continues to be updated”, Dr. Kilonzo said.

The Hub can be accessed through an internet enable phone or laptop through the web address

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